Miss V Melokuhle

DOB: January 15, 2018

Out of: Fuller Chioma Dayo & Legends Boss

This little spit fire was held back from Ki's second litter because she just spoke to my heart. She is completely full of herself with all the confidence of the adult dogs. Dad decided to call her Viper because she has the spunk of a Dodge Viper. She learns everything quickly and has an  enthusiasm equal to her mothers. Her names means "One who represents good things" and we do expect good things out of this young puppy!


Titles: Coming soon!

SABBS & AKC Registered

Hips: TBA

Elbows: TBA

OFA Cardiac with Echo: Normal

Entropian / Ectropian: free   VH: TBA

DNA Coat Color: Dd/BB