About Our Breeding Program

Our goal here at Fuller Boerboels is to continue to produce Boerboels that meet the breed standard, maintain the original physical ability and mental stability to work, and are dedicated to their families. We aim to educate and assist those venturing into this breed for the first time. Boerboels are not a dog for every pet owner, so we carefully screen those interested, helping them to decide if the breed is a good fit for their family.

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Fuller’s King Ivan Adeyemi

Fuller’s King Ivan Adeyemi


We have three males in our home. Our foundation male, Nzuri and his sons, Bu & Ivan. Both of the older boys reproduce themselves very nicely and it is great joy to see their traits come out in their grand and great-grand pups. Ivan is just a wee pup himself and we are excited to watch him develop! We do sometimes use males outside of our own (see bottom of page); we take great care and consideration into how those males will compliment our breeding program as a whole. We are extremely selective in stud services to outside females.


Fuller King Ivan Ademeyi

Ivan’s personal page will be developed soon. He is out of Nzuri/Ki.

Ivan’s personal page will be developed soon. He is out of Nzuri/Ki.


We have owned many females over the years, choosing just those we felt would meet our long term goals for the breed. We have been very blessed by our two foundation females, Johari and Saabira. Both have passed on very important traits within our lines and are living happily in retirement.



A Gallant Boerboel

We have been blessed to have Kim & Frank working along side us. We first met at an appraisal I was hosting in Fresno, CA some years ago. We became fast friends and started working together to build our lines, reach toward a holistic approach to raising our dogs, training together and helping each other's puppy owners out. We follow the same protocols and have the same goals of improving the breed in mind. We don't mind if potential owners are on both of our waiting lists to ensure the best possible timing and match for families. 

Males we've used in our program

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We are working with a few families towards their goals of responsible, ethical breeding. They will help us to continue our lines and follow the same model of holistic rearing and being hands on with their future puppy owners. As they develop their websites, we will add them here

Fuller Imperial Brena

Fuller Imperial Brena

Paragon Boerboels

We have known Douglas for several years now. He owns a 3yo male BB that Bu sired and this beautiful little girl out of our Ki/Boss litter. We are excited to watch him continue to grow in the breed and make great contributions to the BB world.