About Boerboel Ownership

Owning a Boerboel is an eight to twelve year commitment to continuous training, socialization and maintaining boundaries. This is a breed that requires their owners to understand their difference from other breeds, to advocate for them and to protect them.

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Is a Boerboel right for you?

A Boerboel is not for everyone. They are a powerful, protective breed that could easily overpower their owner if not handled properly. Your Boerboel needs you to step up and be the Alpha male/female in the home. Your Boerboel needs to have room for exercise, fed a species appropriate diet, have adequate health care and plenty of attention. If you are ready to commit your time, energy and finances into a great family companion then a Boerboel may be right for you.


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What To Expect

While no breeder can promise a perfect puppy, we are committed to providing our customers with healthy Boerboels that will meet the breed standard and carry on the excellent temperament that Boerboels are known for. We are committed to making sure your puppy is well socialized with adults, kids and other animals before going home with you. It is our goal to build a relationship with every potential puppy owner so that you are comfortable to contact us at any time! We are always available for questions both before and after your puppy goes home. It is our desire to help your new family member be the best he/she can be!


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What We Expect

We expect our owners to continue with the same care and dedication that we give to each of our puppies and adults dog. That includes holistic approaches, a RAW diet and age appropriate exercise. It sounds daunting, but we are here to guide you every step of the way!


In order to maintain our lines which we have developed over the years, we do not sell breeding rights.  All puppies will be sold on a non-breeding contract. If, when the BB is mature and we decide together that the BB would be a good contributor to the gene pool, then we can discuss moving forward with health testing and the possibility of breeding. At the time the decision is made to breed, we would enter into a mutual breeding contract which would mean that we maintain the oversight of all pairings, contracts you use to sell your puppies, etc. In other words, we expect any one breeding our dogs to follow in our foot steps. Jennifer follows issues within the breed and has a decent handle on which lines are best to pair with ours and which are not.