Teeth Cleaning

It seems that every vet office is now offering teeth cleaning for your pets which involves putting them under sedation. There IS a better way...…….

Feeding a RAW diet with whole bones to crunch on a daily basis is important for your dogs jaw and teeth. There is far less build up around the gums and between the teeth with a RAW diet verses kibble or soft food. The jaw muscles are strengthened when crunching bone as well. But even with a RAW diet, our dogs are not always getting large enough bones to take the time necessary for those bones to cleanse the teeth. Therefore it's important to offer a giant bone every so often. Monthly is a good schedule to follow. Since I have many dogs, I separate into a special room and let them go at it one at a time. This type of bone would be considered a 'high value' treat, so be careful with multiple dogs, as they could easily decide to exercise resource guarding over it. Here is Mama Jo - just under 8 years old - chewing on a very large beef femur.