Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

What is that? The simple term is ‘an enlarged prostate’.

As with so many things on our Boerboel journey, I feel that we are allowed to experience trials and tribulations in order to help others understand things that happen. This year has been quite the challenge for us and I watched my Baby Bu struggle on and off throughout the year. Two weeks ago I thought I would loose him…………..

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WARNING! Flea/Tick Products

The FDA has released a warning on NexGuard, a flea/tick preventative. Serious side affects including death have been being reported for years. BUT it is not only happening with this class of drug, it is happening with many preventative products. You can find sites and pages filled with people who have lost their pets or had serious reactions with just about every products out there. Please don’t use these products. There are many natural products and remedies to use. Just google ‘home made natural flea/tick repellents’ and you’ll get a list of things to try. I personally feel that DE (Diatomaceous Earth) works in just about every environment. Use is in your yards, on pet bedding and directly on your pet. Natural remedies are going to be time consuming, but isn’t your precious family member worth it? Click on the report below to read in full.


Variety Is The Spice of Life

We typically stick to the variety over time method and so my dogs don't get all these proteins at once on a regular basis, but my freezer is empty and so I gathered all the little bags of 'stuff' lying around in there. Hen turkey necks, venison, goat or lamb (free from butcher bin, so not sure which), beef, beef liver and a bit of chicken. Each bowl is weighed to the individual dogs need with the exception of the puppy's as she is fed 3x per day. Nzuri = 2.8 lbs. Johari = 2.4 lbs. Bu = 3 lbs. Ki = 2.5 lbs. Ama = 2.5 lbs. Tomi = 2.5 lbs. Puppy Viper - 16 oz.