Puppy Aptitude Testing

What is it and what does it tell us?


Here at Fuller Boerboels we use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. The test was created to help pinpoint puppies that would be cut out for service work. I have included a link below for you to read through the thought process behind it and the test procedure itself. This test is just a partial picture of a puppy. Since it was not created for dominant/protective breeds, we have to take in some considerations.

  • The test is administered by a person that the puppy has never met, in an area where they have never been. We use a ‘stranger’ that has experience with dominant/protective breeds. It is typically our cousin who is an ex K9 police trainer. We have also used fellow breeders and friends with training experience in protective breeds.

  • Boerboels can be aloof with strangers. This is not necessarily a bad characteristic for a protective breed to have. The level of aloofness desired is any particular puppy needs to be decided by the potential owner. Do you want a dog that is friendly and outgoing or one who will not enjoy being pet by everyone they come in contact with?

  • Boerboels are not retrievers. If the Boerboel does not return to the tester with the desired object, it’s ok. Are they interested in the item? Do they mouth it? Pick it up? All need to be considered.

  • Puppies reaction to distraction, sound, visual stimuli are noted, but the focus is on the recovery. If puppy reacts, how do they recover?

  • This test is only a small portion of what we need to take into consideration when matching puppies with families. We have to combine the test with what we experience everyday to get a full picture of each puppy’s personality.

Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test