Puppy Prep

It’s time to prep for your puppy to come home!

Below is a list of what you will need at home, during the trip and what your puppy is sent home with.

What you will need for home:

Crate – I use a 42” for my girls and a 48” for my boys. It should come with a divider so you can make it smaller while puppy grows. Puppy should only be able to stand up, turn around and lie comfortably. If the space is too big, puppy will potty in the crate.

Food – Prepare RAW food for at least one week. Do not buy unfrozen meat off the grocery store shelf and feed immediately. It can carry unhealthy bacteria. Make sure you freeze everything for 2-3 weeks.

Toys – I avoid ropes as the strings can be consumed and wrap around the dog’s intestines. Balls – greater than 4”. As the pup grows, if the entire ball can fit in the mouth, it can get lodged.

Chew Toys – Antlers, Nylabones

Training Treats – I dehydrate my own. Liver, chicken hearts, anything works. Be careful that premade treats do not contain preservatives or starches/grains.

Area Rugs for slippery floor surfaces. Slippery surfaces can cause issues with growing bones/joints.

What you need for the trip home:

Collar/Leash or slip lead. A medium collar should fit well at this point. NO correction collars until at least 6 months old.

Water and Bowl

If driving, small crate or plan for sitting puppy at feet.

A bit of newspaper. Puppies are trained to potty on newspaper. You want to avoid stopping at areas that would have high dog traffic to prevent puppy picking up parasites. If in an airport, avoid the doggie area. Put newspaper down in the bathroom and puppy will potty.

What you will be sent home with:

·        Mercury Free Distemper/Parvo vaccine to be given between 12-16 weeks (if you choose to vaccinate).

·        Essential Oil for detoxing from vaccines

·        Your puppy will have a prepaid microchip

·        Exercise Booklet

·        Cuddle Pal (a small pillow that smells like the litter)

·        A meal or two for travel time if necessary.

·        A month supply of joint supplements

·        A tug toys