On December 21st our amazing boy “Nzuri” - Sillivan Rafiki Zuri turned 9 years old! Our first male Boerboel arrived to us at the age of 8 weeks old. He was such a sweet puppy and learned so quickly! He challenged us through his maturing years and taught us the true importance of ‘Boundaries for Life’ with this breed. Nzuri is very attached to his humans and although he does enjoy meeting new people, it must be on his terms. He has no health issues outside of his thyroid being affected at the age of 4 by over immunizing. Nzuri LOVES to talk and makes lots of conversation regarding when he is hungry, enjoying a good ear rub, or just about anything else. We are enjoying his senior years and hope to have a few more to come!

Picture taken 6 days before his 9th birthday

Picture taken 6 days before his 9th birthday


America Johari CGC, TDI, INT CH. 

Our beautiful Mama Jo turned 8 today! She is the hub of our Boerboel Family and keeps everyone in line. Her temperament has always been spectacular....she will take in any pup and raise it to be her own. She will stand between us and an iffy stranger, but greet those who are deserving with loves and kisses.  Her perception of people is incredible and we love her to pieces! Here are pictures of her from 8 weeks old through today! Her son Bu (pictured) said he wanted to take his mom for a hike for her birthday! Jo has passed on so much of her incredible temperament to her puppies and we couldn't be happier!