Variety Is The Spice of Life

We typically stick to the variety over time method and so my dogs don't get all these proteins at once on a regular basis, but my freezer is empty and so I gathered all the little bags of 'stuff' lying around in there. Hen turkey necks, venison, goat or lamb (free from butcher bin, so not sure which), beef, beef liver and a bit of chicken. Each bowl is weighed to the individual dogs need with the exception of the puppy's as she is fed 3x per day. Nzuri = 2.8 lbs. Johari = 2.4 lbs. Bu = 3 lbs. Ki = 2.5 lbs. Ama = 2.5 lbs. Tomi = 2.5 lbs. Puppy Viper - 16 oz.