Small Butchers

Sourcing RAW

One of the best resources for RAW that you can find is 'small' butchers. These are butchers that process wild game and farmers livestock. They have many different animals that they process and therefore a variety of bones and scraps available. We visit our local small butcher weekly, going through their waste which is kept in a freezer room until taken to the landfill. Last week we scored on about 50 lbs of organs, meaty scraps and bones. I tend to look for the small animal bones for consumption....lamb, goat, hog, deer...….while using the larger animal bones for bone broth and recreational chewing. This is a huge boost to our RAW feeding budget!

Variety Is The Spice of Life

We typically stick to the variety over time method and so my dogs don't get all these proteins at once on a regular basis, but my freezer is empty and so I gathered all the little bags of 'stuff' lying around in there. Hen turkey necks, venison, goat or lamb (free from butcher bin, so not sure which), beef, beef liver and a bit of chicken. Each bowl is weighed to the individual dogs need with the exception of the puppy's as she is fed 3x per day. Nzuri = 2.8 lbs. Johari = 2.4 lbs. Bu = 3 lbs. Ki = 2.5 lbs. Ama = 2.5 lbs. Tomi = 2.5 lbs. Puppy Viper - 16 oz.